Most of us have become familiar by now with the practice to self-isolate. Collective self-isolation is the emergency brake we decided to apply in order to slow down the Covid spread.

Pulling an emergency brake is a sudden and intense jolt resulting in many unintended consequences. We are now in the stage of assessing the unintended consequences of self-isolation; plummeting stock markets, employment uncertainty, and the absence of a guarantee that our emergency stop will avert any future disaster.

Many of us will have second thoughts about our sudden course-change; questioning whether wagering our entire social and economic establishment is an appropriate price to pay to avert the hypothetical death of those at risk from Corona. Others welcome the fallout of the emergency brake as a much overdue shift towards re-evaluating what is truly important to humanity and the planet on which we rely to survive.

The most prevalent fear we experience in these post-brake days is the fear of the unknown; the fear of chaos. But rather than fearing chaos, we should embrace chaos as an opportunity to push humanity into a new phase. It will be difficult, but not impossible. Remember, that up until the Corona threat, there was a general consensus that pulling the emergency brake was irresponsible and unachievable. "We can't just all stop flying!" was the majority argument against radical behavior changes to battle the threats of our global climate. And yet, here we are. We all stopped flying! And we're all still here.

The most important part is just around the corner. In order to deal with the chaos that resulted from our emergency brake, we must move on to step-2. If step-1 was to self-isolate, step-2 is to self-activate.

Now that you have assesed your isolation (you still have a bed to sleep in and food to eat, at least for now), start to assess the word around you; not the entire planet, but your immediate community. What are the things in your community that are needed? How can you apply yourself towards meeting those needs? This renewed 'application of self' requires tremendous adaptability from all of us, because the things that are needed around us might be outside of our comfort zones.

Let the clip here be a reminder that there is not only life outsdie our comfort zones, but opportunities too. This was my favorite scene from the entire Game OF Thrones series, and for a good reason: It was relevant to our world when it first aired in 2013, and it is even more relevant today. Written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss in the episode The Climb (S03E06), the character Petyr Baelish argues that chaos is not a bottomless pit, but a ladder.

If we can inspire ourselves in the days ahead, and remind ourselves that we are a lot more adaptable as humans than we have been conditioned to believe, we can climb this ladder together.

It will be quite a climb my friends, but the climb might just be all there is for a while.

Much love, health, and strength to you all!