Friends With Boats Vol.5 now published!!


There used to be a multi-year gap between Friends With Boats chapters. The first one was from the CD-era, made as a Burning Man gift in 2007, after which it went viral on Limewire (kids, Google it). The second chapter followed in 2009, then the third in 2013, and volume 4 last year with a whole new sound. Because volume 4 was received so well it revived the entire series and inspired The Scumfrog to make the next chapter as soon as this summer. And here it is! Published on the ultimate sunset DJ mix outlet 'Sunset Grooves', this musical journey will quickly make its way into everyone's sunset playlist and onto everyone's boat. (and if the artwork of volume 5 is any indication, The Scumfrog does not care about the size of your boat!)

Sunset Grooves writes: "Starting off with some slower grooves, you will quickly feel an ascending build of energy that progresses right until the end of the mix. A journey with tracks that will make your head bob from side to side while sipping a tasty drink to tracks that boast energy to make you lift your hands in the air with your eyes closed."

Stream the mix on Soundcloud:

Or download the bundle of all 5 Friends With Boats chapters in the archive: