The new site launches today! 03/09/2018


Hi everyone, and welcome to my new website!

Over the past few months I started to explore ways to maintain an online presence beyond the established Social Media giants. My friends at The Maven created a platform that fits perfectly with what I am trying to communicate in the online world; music, downloads, updates, and the occasional rambling. What's best about this platform is that you can ramble as well!

This new site is a combination of my old DJ archive (now completely updated!), and random Scumfrog info and updates, as well as a re-launch (coming soon) of Glam Scum International.

If you sign up, I will send you a download link too my collection of remixes and edits "Bootlegged & Unreleased", and if you sign up for a premium membership, you will suddenly see download links to all the mixes in the archive. More information about this here:

Of course I will also continue to update my Social Media pages, but expect much more to be happening here than over there.

See you on a dance floor near you soon!

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Thank you @CoolBreezeinSF !


Congratulations on the new site!