The Scumfrog: Robot Heart sunrise set from 2017 is published!

The 6th consecutive Wednesday morning sunrise ritual is now streaming on Soundcloud and in the archive for download.

After 6 years of creating sunrise soundtracks from atop the Robot Heart bus, it is a challenge to avoid submitting to a formulaic approach. One of the biggest perks of producing a Robot Heart sunrise is that you can take risks; explore soundscapes and dynamics, knowing that the mystical Deep Playa setting allows for pauses and quiet moments that don’t translate in loud clubs or multi-stage festivals. This year, the set was a journey starting with robots and ending with humans. I wanted the sun to come up to the sound of arguing AI robots. What you heard was a transcript from the actual negotiation between two AI bots at Facebook earlier that summer;…its-own-language/
Other than it creating a surreal environment as the sun came up, it also proved a perfect palette cleanser to transition from night into day. The sounds of flutist Claire Chase immediately afterwards set the tone for the 90 minutes to follow. I remembered Robert Miles (we lost him this year) with a beautiful guitar version of his song "Children", and then introduced spiritual emcee and rising star Elliott LaRue. He delivered a chilling live message from the top of the bus about our challenges and responsibilities as humans. And that about summed up the Scumfrog sunrise from 2017.

Download this set from the archive. The archive is a members only section of this site. Donate $8 or more to the album "Bootlegged & Unreleased" and the download links in the archive will become visible.

Enjoy the music!


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