My dearest and most loyal Burner friends,

After 13 years of DJing on the playa, six consecutive Robot Heart Wednesday morning sunrises, countless hours of DISTRIKT energy, legendary memories from sets at Opulent Temple, Playaskool, Disorient and many other dusty sound systems, it is time for me to step back and re-charge. I take performing at Burning Man very seriously -perhaps a bit too seriously-, and I believe that the playa is an extraordinary place that calls for extraordinary approaches to music curation, rather than just showing up and "playing tracks". With this in mind, I have spent many weeks during each summer preparing for my key sets from the past years, trying to explore the boundaries of musical story telling. I am very grateful for having such an open minded following in all of you, making me feel secure enough to take risks when I am out there. However, this year I simply don't have the time or the mindset to invest in that kind of preparation. My main focus is on my new Orche/Strada project (more about this soon), and MBTS is launching in London and Barcelona this summer. All of this requires me to prioritize my creative focus, and these other projects have little to no overlap with the sound I envision for the Playa. One of my life's mottos is "if you don't have anything to say, don't speak". The last thing I want to do is travel to the dust and play some random tracks on auto-pilot. That is not what Burning Man is about for me. Playing at The Renwick last week for the Burning Man exhibit made me realize how fortunate I am to have become 'THAT DJ', and that I want my next appearance in Black Rock city to be completely inspired and prepared. This year that will be pretty much impossible to achieve, so I will be skipping 2018, and return after this year...with a vengeance!

In the mean time, here is a booth-eye view from my set at DISTRIKT from last year. It was one of my favorite DISTRIKT sets ever, and those of you who have never set foot in the booth might enjoy to see how this crazy party looks from my point of view.

And remember, most of my Burning Man sets are available for download from the archive.

I hope to see you on a dance floor near you soon, and when it comes to playing in the dust; I'll be back!