Watch the making-of video above, and listen to the entire song below.

"Sure, my isolation is very comfortable and spacious, but it does evoe thoughts and emotions that I see resonate around me. It addresses how much I have taken for granted the value of basic touch in my daily life. I sense that many people around me are struggling with the sudden absence of human touch. I hope we can remember this frustration when it is once again ok to mingle, and to appreciate the value of a basic hug. We, as humans, made it to the top of the food chain. We essentially 'won earth', but what is that worth if we can not touch each other?" ~ The Scumfrog

The video shows the process of writing and recording the song. Certain elements in this video may have been exaggerated, sensationalized, fictionalized, or all together made up.

Listen to the entire song here: