(video) New track, and footage from Antarctica trip.

The Scumfrog joined an expedition at the Antarctic Peninsula in January, shot video, and made the track "Antarctica".

It was a trip I will not soon forget. My first time in Antarctica, and it felt like a different planet. We explored on the ship MY Legend, an old Russian icebreaker converted into a luxurious accommodation. The amazing professionals of EYOS expeditions led us to the most magical places. The first few days were overcast and snow, and then finally the sun broke through for the remainder of the trip. Most of the footage is show with my iPhoneX. If you like this footage, make sure to check the Instagram account of @joannmcpike for stunning professional photos.

The trip and the footage inspired me to make the track Antarctica, which will be released in its full version later this year.


The Scumfrog

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Truly amazing Jess !!!