(video) Performance clips and partial set list from Brooklyn Mirage 7/20/19


What a Saturday night in Brooklyn that was! When I started my set at 1:30am it was still 85 degrees (30 Celcius for my non-American friends) outside, and all day I had been worried whether anyone would show up to dance, since this was an outside show, and the big daytime festival Ozyfest had been canceled by the city due to the heat. But the show went on, you showed up, and together we danced up a sweat. Thanks to The Brooklyn Mirage, Babel and Stranger Than for inviting me and putting on this production, and a very special thanks to George Gleixner and Jonathan Thompson, the creative geniuses that did the light and visuals, as you can see they were stunning!

I received many messages asking me to ID songs from the set, and I am all about giving credit to the producers behind the records, so instead of answering you all individually, i put together this video with most of the tracks you asked about.