This was the second time I had the privilege to perform with the super talented Sandbox crew. For this performance I re-arranged a piece by composer Julia Wolfe titled Full Dark Ride. The piece is written for 4 hihats, but for this show I made an arrangement for 3 hihats and played the kick drum live myself. The hihats were amplified and placed around the dance floor to create a loud surround sound effect. We played to a click track in our ears (which was a first for me!) because we were positioned too far apart to remain in sync without earpieces. However, all instruments were played live, and all the effects were done live. Every hit on every drum was written down on sheet music for some amazing synchronization, yet nothing was pre-recorded. The video is edited down from the original 7 minute length of the piece. Now that we tried this and saw that it worked, I hope to perform this piece again soon, on a bigger sound system.

Best experience with headphones!

Thank you for watching and listening, stay tuned!

The Scumfrog