(video) The Scumfrog Classics broadcast


"The realization that I have been DJing as The Scumfrog for twenty years, the bond I have with certain records, and the joy these records bring to dance floors year after year, made me want to put together a top40 of my most played DJ tunes. I gave these tunes an arbitrary order (except for the top 5, which are truly my all-time most played records) and played them during a live stream on Saturday May 9th 2020. During the broadcast some friends joined me who were instrumental in making some of these records." ~ The Scumfrog

The broadcast was live from Jesse's home in The Bahamas. With limited means (he set up his TV on the dining table as a countdown screen) and unreliable WIFI speeds he guided his audience through decades of musical highlights. His co-host Casson Trenor provided a great added dynamic, and Jesse's interviews with Latroit, Dino Lenny, and Danny Tenaglia were both insightful and funny.

If you are interested in hearing the audio by itself, it is available on The Scumfrog's Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/thescumfrog/top-40-of-scumfrog-classics-through-the-years

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Such a joyful broadcast, thank you Jesse!

Any chance you'll make a higher quality audio downloadable from here?