(video) The Scumfrog remix of a not so famous 80s movie Soundtrack


The other day I was sucked into a blog about underrated 80s movies, and read about the movie 'Miracle Mile'. Since it was a rainy Sunday during lockdown I decided to watch the movie (it is no longer on Netflix as the article suggests, so I watched it for $4.99 on iTunes, which is probably the price of a movie ticket in 1988.)

The great unexpected bonus was that the soundtrack its entirely made by synth-pop pioneers Tangerine Dream. About 15 minutes into the movie the main theme set in, and I instantly got the remix-bug. 24 hours later, here we are. Yet another great excuse to procrastinate on filing my taxes!

Check out the mix on Soundcloud:

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Wow, so airy! Any way to get a high-quality version of this?

Thank you! :-D