Keep Your Bags Packed (wildlife music video)

The Scumfrog Keep Your Bags Packed (Botswana Edit)
The Scumfrog Keep Your Bags Packed (Botswana Edit)

Taken from the Ethereal Subterranean EP, available on all digital formats. Purchase on Beatport:


When we rode through the stunning landscapes of Botswana last week, witnessing the most incredible scenes of our animal kingdom, i couldn't help but be 'that guy', and record video footage on my iPhone. The thing is though, those cameras are pretty damn cool, so on my flight home I picked the track from the Ethereal Subterranean EP that I figured matches the images the best. I hope you enjoy the result!

For the professional images from this trip, check out the inspiring captures from @joanmcpike on Instagram.

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Wow!! Really nice video mixing with great music too! Sweet trip!