video: Distance, and wear a mask, but never stop dancing!


This week, Jesse Houk aka The Scumfrog demonstrated that you can still throw parties and get-togethers to dance, as long as you remain true to some rather unconventional party-rules.

(Image: The Scumfrog (L) and Emcee Elliott LaRue (R) in Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY, June 25th 2020)

"I wanted to dance with my friends again, so I started with locating a big enough open space, which was in Prospect Park. However, at regular DJ shows, people tend to huddle around the DJ and the speakers, no matter how large the space. To avoid this I decided to leave my speakers at home, and stream the music onto my website instead."

(Image: easy instructions telling people what to bring...and take away)

I instructed my followers on Social Media to attend the event with their own bluetooth speakers or headphones and to stream my DJ set live on their devices. Then I situated myself sitting down in a rather inconspicuous spot, rather than making myself the center of the party. The result was perfect! Everyone arrived and chose their own location with their own sound setup, sometimes as far as half a mile away from me. But everyone could still see each other, and the music, the spectacular sunset, and Elliott's words were the common factor for everyone's experience."

(image: Attendees had plenty of room and brought their own speakers and headphones to connect to the DJ)

"I hope that others will adapt this format and keep these gatherings respectful, avoid big sound systems that attract too many people and risk close congregations. Sadly, this format is not a business model because it only works on a small scale in public places. As soon as you create a business from it, natural competition will eventually sacrifice people's safety during Covid. But as long as there is no vaccine, this is a great way to continue to celebrate life together!" ~ The Scumfrog

The party started at 6pm and ended at sundown (8;35pm) Listen to the recording below:

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